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- Question from Anonymous -
If I read the keiron gillen young avengers and then read the Allen heinburg series, is that okay? I'm on issue #6 of gillen's ya but looking at this blog I'm worried I started at the wrong place

There not really a “wrong place” to start, but Heinberg & Cheung run is deeply referenced in Volume 2, so you might understand some things better if you do take a look at it (and Children’s Crusade) first. Reading the Civil War YA/Runways crossover and the Marvel Boy mini would probably be a good idea too.

Here’s a reading guide for more details :)

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- Question from theoraclenayru -
I'm not sure if you've talked about this before, but can you clarify America's sexual orientation? Please and thank you.


Do I have to? Really?

I mean, next time I’ll consider doing a…


…but do I really have to?

(She’s a lesbian. I have to say that any reading of YA that argues otherwise is performing Demiurge-level reality warping.)

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Wiccan!!! Sorry better photos tomorrow!
My sister asked my for a Starfire and I’m exciting to make her hair!!
14 of April, 2014


Wiccan!!! Sorry better photos tomorrow!
My sister asked my for a Starfire and I’m exciting to make her hair!!

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13 of April, 2014


more Marvel Universe sketch cards!

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12 of April, 2014


So today I met Jim Cheung and he was such a nice guy, I finally have a Young Avengers poster/print. 

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11 of April, 2014



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11 of April, 2014



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So I bought Children’s Crusade at a con this weekend and am now in love with the Young Avengers

11 of April, 2014


reblog if you blog about them please, I need more of them on my dash (especially teddy and billy)

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Children's Crusade: legacy and the formation of adolescent identity in Marvel's Young Avengers

Title says “Crusade” but the article references both Vol.1 and Vol.2. It starts on page 109 :)

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10 of April, 2014

All The TommyKate Moment’s - 12/?

↳ Avengers: The Children’s Crusade: Young Avengers

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