When you’re a mess, looking in the mirror is the last thing you want to do. Kate and Clint are great together because they aren’t so similar as to reflect one another’s flaws. At face value they’re essentially nothing alike. Kate’s apparently got it together, but she’s got a lot of growing up to do and her rich upbringing has kept her from really understanding how the world works. Meanwhile, the weight of his own experience has made Clint’s life a shambles. Still, put a bow and arrow in the guy’s hands and suddenly all that experience counts for something. He grounds Kate. She helps Clint see past his own nonsense. They click. They balance each other out. 

by Rogan Josh


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empaya-comics asked:

Dear Jim, what are (in your opinion) the top 5 mistakes people do, when creating comics? Thank you very much in advance.

Young Avengers Answer:


I don’t know if I have the time to break down all the ‘rules’ I’ve come up with over the years, on what’s important when creating comics. There are many fine books out there that can cover the same topics far better than I could, in this space.

I will say though, that a very simple one, which many people overlook, is the importance of clearly introducing your characters to the reader. EVERY comic book has the potential to be someone’s first, and if you have them confused from the very beginning, it could easily also be their last, so I always try to make it a point to have all the characters enter the story clearly. (It’s not always possible, but I try, so please don’t start pointing out examples of where I failed miserably. Haha)

Anyway, hope that helps.